Healthcare Insurance

About Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare insurance has gone through significant changes over the past few decades. Rising costs have forced employers to cut back on benefits, and employees are often asked to help share the costs. Finding the right coverage, at the right cost is no easy task.

Also, a variety of managed care plans have replaced the traditional indemnity insurance that would let go to any doctor you chose. Both the patient and the provider share in the expense. Today’s plans include HMOs, PPOs, POSs, HSAs and more.

Making sense of all these acronyms and understanding the plan details is where Carl Puma Agency's expertise really makes a Carl Puma Agency provides individual & group healthcare insurance difference. We’re intimately familiar with our carriers’ products and will work with you to find the best fit. We’re also continually on the lookout for new carriers and products to expand your options, while examining past and present trends for better decision-making.

Whether you’re a group benefits administrator or the owner of a small company who wants to provide the best possible health coverage at affordable prices, Carl Puma Agency can help.

Carl Puma Agency Group Specialty Benefits

Choosing Carl Puma Agency as your healthcare insurance agent brings added benefits and programs, such as:

  • HR Connect - A secure web-based repository of benefits information that can be customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Health Advocate - The nation’s leading advocacy and assistance program designed to help companies and their employees better navigate the healthcare and insurance systems.
  • Univers Workplace Benefits - An interactive communication, enrollment and benefit management system that enables employers to educate and communicate the value of company benefits to their employees.
  • HR360 - An award-winning HR and benefits resource and reference center composed and maintained by authors, experts and advisors.